• These are a few testimonies and words of encouragement  that we have received at Anthony Payton Ministries: Pastor, thank you for everything that you email me. I have all your teaching lesson in specific folder. Your leadership tuneup really hit home today. I had to change my seed of faith or the lack there of and stepped out on the word of God. As you remembered when I sat in your office and told you that Michele and I were going to get married and you said that she was planning to move to Kentucky. I said that I was going to resign from my job and move down to Kentucky with her. You asked me how many years did I have in FWCS. I had 19 years but believe that God was going to provide me with a job in Kentucky and He did just that without having a period of unemployment. In fact Pastor, I was on both FWCS and Fayette County School System payrolls at the same time.  I told you that I had watched you and learned from you that you can believe God for anything. The faith seed change everything for me. As you know the job that I was doing in Fort Wayne is being terminated on July 19. So I thank God for His direction and favor and I thank you for your expositional teaching and how you have touched my life. Thank you.

  • ​​I recently visited your church with my father, Raymond Washington, on Fathers day. I was the lady who delivered the word of the Lord to you after service. While sitting in your service the lord spoke to me regarding your ministry.Prophecy:God said, "don't unpack your bags". The anointing of an apostle rests upon you. God is going to assign a team of men to go with you all over the world to plant churches.  Your assignment is not only to your home church, but there are many ministries and leaders that God has assigned you to minister to. You will not only minister before large crowds but God is going to open doors for you to deliver personal words to men and women of great statue. The words that you will deliver to them will be like soothing ointment to their wounds. Your assignment on this earth is bigger than what you can ever imagine. You are not only an asset to Fort Wayne but  the world needs you.  God is going to begin to give you instruction on where he is getting ready to take you to.  There will be some nights you will not be able to sleep because God will be calling you into his presence.  There is a tranformation that is coming upon you and your wife. You need to begin to train men who are able to run things and who you can trust while you are away.  God said, Come As You Are is a training ground where men and women are prepared for ministry. Your are to teach them and release them to go into the highways and hedges to do ministry. They will be direct extensions of your church.Thank you. Tiffaney Washington-Steadman Atlanta, GA​

  • ​Just want to thank you for the wonderful person you are! Thank you for the inspiration, the open ear, your time, your effort,and your wisdom... you are a wonderful man of God! I thank you for pouring into my life and shining light on my darkness..i love you for that!!! May God continue to bless you and your family....Thank You Pastor!!! Jason, I just wanted to say thank you to the both of you for all you do through prayer, preaching, teaching, hugs, smiles and handshakes. I love you!!!! I also believe that the E7 vision focus and everything we talked about last night concerning the different cultures all ties back into "Help like you want to be helped!!!!"    If we inspire, accept and encourage each other and don't let each other get stagnant or toxic we will all come together like a team and we would want others to do that for us. And if we do all that we'll have no problem applying E7 and refocusing our vision.  I'm excited and ready !!!! We love you and thanks again!!!, Dawn and LeVell